After Hours
​Live Bait Vending

After Hours Live Bait Vending History

A family- owned and operated business since 1998, After Hours Live Bait Vending has always been at the forefront of the live bait vending business.

We operate a route of live bait vending machines surrounding our local lakes and rivers, and take pride in passing on our passion for the live bait vending business to others.


If you're looking for an opportunity to add revenue and customers to your current location you can count on us to meet your needs.

Personalized Service

We offer personalized service. Partner with us to help make your business successful.

End of Summer Specials

Free Media Supplies 

Better Products, Better Service  


Hands off approach to supplying products designed to increase your customer base.

Attention to Detail

Our bait machines come with features not offered by any other supplier. No short cuts.

Made In The USA

All of our products are produced here in the United States.

Ranked #1 in Customer Support

Quick courteous response to your questions. 





Live Bait Vending Machines

Our commitment to our customers is paramount. If you would like fliers or other types of media to help promote your business we can help. We have pre-designed material that can be customized with your  information.

Call our office and ask to speak with Steve (815)-334-8323