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Hands off approach to selling live baits and tackle items. Placed outside this machine sells products 24/7 during and

    after store hours. 



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After Hours Live Bait Vending is nearing the end of another great season. Although we had a poor start to the year due to the winter that just wouldn't end we did see a sharp increase in 3rd quarter sales. Data shows we will finish above last years numbers. Thank you to all our customers.


Developing reliable sources for the products and services you need to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty is key to any business.

Consistant attention to detail and quality products is our goal.
Make "" the supplier for all your Live Bait needs in North and North East Illinois.

8/28/2014 is offering free shipping with the purchase of our 

Live Bait Vending Machines. Offer runs thru the end of October.




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After Hours

Live Bait Vending

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As part of we are able to supply valuable insight to market trends. The information we gather is passed to customers that purchase their bait machines from TPV.

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