After Hours Live Bait Vending 

Using the proper container to pack and vend minnows out of a live bait vending machine is essential.
This 16 oz. coated paper biodegradable container is better suited for packing minnows than any other.

Vended in an upright position this container has a clear lid that allows you to view minnows at a glance without having to open it


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Hands off approach to selling live baits and tackle items.

Built for outdoor use our machines sell live baits, packaged baits, and tackle items 24/7





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Our company has the experience and the knowledge to assist you in all areas of the business. We offer the best in machines, products and services. Everything designed to meet your specific needs. Free lifetime assistance includes tech support, media/advertisements custom designed for your company along with a wealth of marketing information to help promote your machine and maximize sales.   

Easy to operate and requiring very little time or effort, our live bait vending systems generate an excellent source of income  by selling fresh baits, packaged baits, tackle items, accessories and other outdoor items twenty four hours a day...
We also supply proper containers and additives that will ensure your products are kept healthy and alive. You can order online thru our website ( or phone in your order (815-334-8323)

Built tough for outdoor use.
Radius corner design of the front door creates greater visibility.
Guaranteed Delivery System prevents customer issues. Option to choose another item or receive their money back!!!
Credit Card Reader services include daily email reports of previous day sales and a monthly accounting of sales. Card reader operates wireless just like your cell phone. There is no need to install a phone line or wireless connection. Card reader is included with your purchase.
Powerful energy efficient refrigeration.
Heater kit allows you to operate your machine all year and is also included with your purchase.


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